• Over 25 years of experience in project financing, over 500 transactions and a current portfolio of approximately 200 projects worldwide.
  • Stable teams comprised of 40 professionals located in Paris, London, New York, Singapore and Sydney.
  • In-depth sectorial knowledge in infrastructure, renewable resources and telecoms allowing us to provide tailored financing solutions to our clients.
  • More than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector: approximately 100 projects in the portfolio fully in line with the Group's policy in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility.
  • Longstanding relationships with key sponsors in the project finance market.
  • Ability to provide long-term debt packages adapted to the economic and contractual life of the assets financed, and in keeping with the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale willingness to commit long term to the projects it finances.
  • Positioned predominantly in arranging roles with a significant underwriting capacity (several hundreds of milllion euros) including through our CM-CIC Infra Debt Fund subscribed by Credit Mutuel Insurance - and/or co-financing with other banks.
  • Ability to assume an agent position for credits booked in France.

Main areas of intervention

Infrastructure & PPP

  • Rolling Stock, Light-Rail, Railroads
  • Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Ports, Airports
  • Water, Waste, Heating networks
  • Social: Schools, Hospitals, Swimming pools, Public building, Prisons


  • Wind (offshore and onshore), Solar, Hydro, Biomass, Geothermal, Methanisation & biogas, Hydrogen,
  • Battery Storage
  • Energy performance & decarbonation
  • Transport, Transmission & distribution of power


  • Cable
  • Mobile Telephony
  • FTTH (Fiber To The Homme)
  • Towers